“Robert is a very gifted and talented mosaic artist. His beautiful artwork does not just color up your house or work space, it has a healing effect as well. By looking at them, the colors work like a color therapy, and the shapes and forms used work like a healing mandala. Treat yourself to his mosaics.”

Rise and Shine Healing


“Robert made a glass mosaic window for my husband and myself. It is unbelievably beautiful and is the centrepiece of our living room. His work is all unique, striking and expertly done. I love the piece and will enjoy it the rest of my life.”

Sarah-Jo Galbraith


“Robert has a unique vision which is always realised through his exquisite and often awe-inspiring mosaic artworks. I have several of his mosaic glass windows and they are a unique and glorious display of colour everyday. Other paintings sometimes get forgotten even though they hang right in front of my face but every time a cloud drifts by and reveals the sun or passersby look at my windows lit from within his works works renew themselves. They are a joy to experience.

Working with artists can sometimes remind you of the phrase “artistic temperament”. Robert is solid, dependable and easy to work with. He has interests rooted in history beyond just his mosaic artistry which include being a qualified wooden shipwright, dry stone wall building and a keen interest in Early Music. In working with Robert on several projects it seems to me that his dependability is rooted in his character alongside his deep love of history, art and beautiful design.”

Peter Stand Rumpel


“I commissioned a mosaic from Robert. I was deeply impressed with the results, his training and experience really shine through. His artistic eye and taste are superb, his mastery of craft and technique is flawless and his work not only speaks for itself, others speak for it – I get numerous compliments on the piece. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Fred Hollis


“Robert’s work is beautiful in many ways. He meticulously plans and executes his designs in gorgeous, glowing colours. They are a treat for the eyes.These are long-term art investments and his work is worth every penny. I would love to have more.”

Kris Twyman