Light and Colour

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When I first began making mosaics I started by scrounging scrap stained glass and ceramics from tile and glass shops. With the tools I had at the time it was easier to use the glass and I think this helped set me on a particular course…At first I learned the “indirect” method where pieces are […]


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I’m working on a new application for my mosaics, that is to take high-res digital photos and pull prints from them. Print them to order on photographic paper or window film or screen or vinyl – lots of options. Blow ’em up, nice and big. Or shrink them, nice and small. Granted, it’s not a […]

A difference in priorities

I was just watching the coverage of the wreck of the Costa Concordia. On the BBC the story was about the continuing search for survivors and the identification of one of the victims, a Hungarian musician who went back into the ship to save his violin! On CNN the story was about the scrap metal […]