Robert Rawson photoI am drawn to mosaic art because of the intimate connection it has to our shared human history.  In each piece I make, a thread remains that connects my work back to the first mosaic artist.  The process of hand cutting, shaping and forming natural materials into art is basic, the minutiae of creation little changed.  I find solace in the repetition, intricacy and intimacy of these movements.  When I work, I am seeking a metamorphosis of form, using the texture and movement inherent in glass, ceramic and stone to create something that is new from the materials of our collective past. I work with texture, depth and the inconsistencies inherent in materials to build patterns of reflecting light that add life to each piece. For me light is source, a manifestation of the divine within, a connection to a shared spirituality that unifies the human experience.  With my art, I capture a space for that divinity and give it form. Ultimately, I want my work to breathe with its own vitality, to exist as a testament to the act of creation and to bring beauty into the everyday world.